Device and Internet Safety

Protecting your Family Online

During the Collette Smart workshops held earlier this term parents enquired about the various tools that can help protect members of their family against pornography. We also made the audio and video recordings available on our website for our community.

In this article we will supply you with various options as each family has a different device and Internet connection at their homes.

We will list a few tools that is supported in Zimbabwe, but remember these are just the tip of the iceberg. You can explore more options with your Internet Service Provider or with your device suppliers.

Device safety is not just in your home or your wi-fi but also on devices from other family members, domestics and friends that come to visit or when your child visits other friend’s homes. Parents need to communicate the rules prior these visits, do your family has any rules and if none what will they be? What rules do you have for children when swopping sim-cards or even swopping SD Cards in attempt to share images or video’s. Each family must strategies their family’s rules and consequences of action that could bring harm to the members of the family.

Do not assume that older siblings will not use the younger siblings to bride them to give them access to the wi-fi or their device. There is an older sibling that gives younger siblings facebook accounts a birthday present. So if you have older siblings on wi-fi or 3G activated devices what is the rules and conditions of sharing or protecting these devices from younger members of the family?

The main reason why a good app becomes the best one is the ability to filter different aspects.  Some applications will give you only one level of filters that will apply to the whole network and others will be user specific or device orientated like a Mobile Device Manager.

Selecting the application that suites your family best consider the following criteria in your selection:

  • Installation: The installation process should be easy and simple. Nothing very fancy and complicated.
  • App Management: The best parental control app for Android or iOS should be able to deal with all the applications installed on the target phone. It should block and limit them if it is necessary.
  • Filtering: It is a big deal and filtering as we said before is a very important aspect. Inappropriate content and other stuff should be unavailable to your children.
  • Texting Management: As any even the simplest spy app, best parental control app for iPhone should be able to deal with all types of text messages. No matter if it is a simple SMS or instant message from Facebook Messenger, the best parental control app for iPhone must deal with it easily.
  • Location tracking: GPS location is the most interesting and sometimes the most useful feature in those apps. It will give you the opportunity to find your kid no matter he or she is at the moment.
  • Price: And the last but not least. This aspect is very important and often plays the main role in the purchasing

ZOL Safe Search
Get the peace of mind you need when leaving your children to browse the internet. Safe Surf allows the user to block inappropriate websites based on content ratings for example, if the content is flagged as having nudity,violence or vulgar language, your child can be restricted from accessing it. Users can filter content from a wide range of options for people at different stages of development. Access to web content which falls under cetain categories is restricted.

Please see the app comparison before installing an app from this list

App Recommendation Report and App Comparison Report

Lets work as a community to help protect our children.  If you wish to share any methods or tools that helped your family on this page please e-mail us on and we can publish it to our community in the attempt to Glorify God and His children He entrusted us with.