Open Day Booking

Dear Parents/Guardians                                                                                                                                                    

On Wednesday 25 October,2017  the school will be holding an OPEN DAY FOR SPECIALIST SUBJECTS FROM 8.30AM TO 12.30pm. [Appointments from 10.15 - 11.00 are not available as this is break-time]. This is an opportunity for you to come to the school and discuss your child (ren’s) performance in class for the following Specialist Subjects only :



  • There will be normal afternoon activities held on that day.
  • Consultations are by appointment only and each interview will last approximately 5 minutes. Please ensure that you make a separate appointment for every teacher you would like to see.
  • Consultations are for discussion of your child (ren’s) progress in class only  [not the availability of extra tuition.]
  • Appointments will be given on a “first come, first served” basis according to the appointment sign-up sheet.
  • Please make a separate appointment for each child in your family even if it is with the same teacher.
  • Appointments are made online using this link :
  • NB: To avoid confusion please do not send the links to friends on whatsapp. Any misspelling will alter the link and its destination.
  • Appointments can be made from Tuesday 27 September at 13.00am through to Thursday 19 October at 5.00pm
  • Teachers will only see parents who have made appointments.
  • Your child’s specialist subject teachers are the ones indicated below:
Open Day Policy
Gateway Primary provides parents with an opportunity to discuss their children’s progress in specialist subjects on an annual basis and two open day sessions are scheduled per year for classroom teachers.

The school is also open for parents to make individual appointments or e-mail to discuss progress of a child anytime during the course of the year, apart from the formal open day appointment schedule. 

Formal open day appointments will be made available online.  Parents need to respect this process and make all effort to use the formal scheduler instead of jut arriving. Parents and teachers use the formal schedule to prepare for open day and prior arrangement makes this possible. 

In the failure to make a formal appointment the teacher has the right to inform the parent that they are not able to accommodate them for a time slot on the day of open day or other days unless the teacher stipulates any other arrangements.
Open Day Procedure
Gateway Primary uses an online appointment scheduler.  The open day links are found above. The scheduler provides the opportunity to make one appointment for one child at a time per teachers.  For multiple children or teachers parents have to select the link for the teacher and make a separate appointment and repeat this process for each teacher and additional child.